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Dinosaur Coloring Pages for Kids

Online Dinosaur Coloring Pages

We gather tons of dinosaur coloring pages for you to color online. We know that everyone has different tastes. Because of that we gather different images for you to color. Baby, cute, realistic, dinosaur coloring books and much more.

Dinosaurs are probably the most famous ancient animal in history. Although they are long gone you can still see dinosaur fossils in museums or on the internet. You can also learn more about dinosaurs with our coloring pages.

Free Coloring Pages

All of the coloring pages are free. You can color them the way you like, download to your computer or print and color afterwards. No need for any sign up process, just click on the dinosaur image you like and you are all set.

Dinosaur Painting Pages

Even though we call it coloring pages, some name them as painting pages. Both ways we are talking about the same thing :). You can call them whatever you like and enjoy it in the meantime. Have fun!

Coloring Pages PDF

Some of you might want to download the coloring pages we provide as PDF. Currently we don't have support for PDF format but we are planning on adding it to our website in future. We are also planning to add more to our webpage in the coming days. So, don't forget to check our website from time to time.

Free Printable Dragon Coloring Pages

In the future we are planning to add dragon coloring pages to our website. From fire breathing dragons to cute baby dragon drawings for preschoolers, to dragons and knights battles, realistic looking dragons for adults and big kids. They all will be printable and colorable online too.

Jurassic Park

When someone says dinosaurs, one of the first things that comes into mind is probably the Jurassic Park movie. It is a science fiction, actione movie and horror maybe. You can learn more about the movie in the link above, also if you haven't watched it yet you should consider watching it. But it may not be suitable for kids, so you should ask your parents first :)

You can check our main website for more dinosaur coloring pages and many other coloring pages!